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I get the feeling this page is important and I should make it awesome. Enticing. Cool. Fun. Engaging possibly. My stats say people even visit this page. So what should I do? List my skill set? Okay. Here....

My skill set includes:

  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • Drawing and painting - traditionally and digitally
  • Game Development - 2D Character and Environment Design 
  • Graphic Design - Digital and Print Advertising Campaigns
  • Illustration - Children's Books, Editorial and Cartooning
  • Corporate Communications 
  • Even UI And UX Design
Well, I do not know. Seems a little boring so far. What do you think? 

I know. Maybe a a really cool piece of art work or something. Okay, This is very recent but small. I did a sprite design and animation (Adobe Animate) for Avokiddo's We Arrgh Pirates. It's the bird. It was a thrill to see once it launched. I also did the final treasure scene environment for it. 

Well, that is all for now. If you need any assistance freelance or otherwise, please say hello and contact me at: 

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