The Untold Story of Bartek, the Wawel Dragon

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

The evolution of a story idea. 

In late August, I had the good fortune to work with a game company in Cyprus, Avokiddo. I got to do the environmental design for the game's final reward level and a minor bird animation. (it launches soon and then I can talk about it more) Their work really inspired me. So, inspired by their style, I created this dragon design. Thank you, Vagelis!

Shortly after, I get an email, a call for entries for Jon Schindehette's Art Order. A new book project,
Tiny Dragons. I had a slight AHA! moment and immediately submitted my new dragon. Today, I checked the site and my submission was there. Woohoo! So cool. Wish me luck, I hope he makes the cut and gets published in the book. Thank you, Jon!

Also today, I saw an update from Polish Illustrator, Robert Romanowicz I really admire and had the privilege of a short chat with him about publishing in Poland. He was most gracious with his time and advice. He also gave me the names of two publishers that produce incredible books. Thank you, Robert!
Our dog, Blueberry Muffin

That got me thinking and led me to a chat with my girlfriend and she said, "Make a story about the dragon." I said, "hmm... okay." I promptly took Blueberry (our French Bulldog) for an extra long walk for a good think on it. A story was born. Thank you, Renata and Blueberry!

I then made this new design of the dragon as a book cover for The Untold Story of Bartek, the Wawel Dragon. I think the title actually needs some more work. I wrote the recommended publishers in a query for illustration work and included this as a sample. Thank you, Bartek!

So there you go, the evolution of a story idea. I want to wish Bartek well on his new journey to become a real story and maybe, one day, a real book. Wish us luck! Thank you, nice person reading this blog post at this very moment!

3 comments on "The Untold Story of Bartek, the Wawel Dragon"
  1. this seemed to be an opportunity of all life fime cant imagine the excitement when you got this call thanks renetta and blue berry for your kind gestures

  2. Best of luck, and think scaly!

    2 claws UP!

  3. Love the art!! Thank you for sharing the book!


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