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Friday, November 4, 2016

Most recent work - NOV 3, 2016

These were all done with Shushnya in mind. And as I mentioned in my last post (a whopping 10 minutes ago) my brush set. I found a few I think will be all-time favs. They are from Kyle's Megapack Brush Set. These brushes in particular:

Kyle's FX Box - Bristle Blender 2
JW- hair and grass - This I renamed for my own easy reference (sorry, don't recall the original name)
Kyle's Inkbox - Brayer Boss

Note: These are all actually Tool Presets, not brushes.

I will make a post about brushes in more detail once I have my set complete but after watching many tutorials, the standard default Photoshop ones are all you ever really need.

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