Game of Thrones Fan Art

Thursday, November 17, 2016

After a month and a half of solid freelance work (graphic design), I am back. I thought it would be cool to try some fan art and as a giant fan of Game of Thrones, I decided to give Bran Stark a try. Here are the steps I went through.

Open Photoshop, scan in the sketch - Set that layer to "Multiply" above a neutral gray background layer.

There are many ways to keep an eye on your values as you paint. I prefer to create an additional layer with a default black fill set the layer to "Color." I just switch it on when I feel the need to check the values. Another habit I have picked up is to keep you Navigator window open at all times, it helps to see what you are doing at a thumbnail size level. If it works at that level, it works, period. Here I am just blocking in  my local color.

Let the rendering begin. I think my favorite brushes so far, are from Kyle's Megapack. Definitely recommend them. Not much to say at this stage other than I like the idea of leaving some of the original drawing present in the image. Tried defining my light source and generally cleaning up the line work.

Getting closer to the final sketch. I played around with and a Levels adjustment layer to give the image a little more pop. I went to CG Textures site and found a leather texture I liked and used a Layer mMask to "paint" in some of it to give Bran's tunic a nice feel. Also did it with his sleeves a bit. While I could take this further, I liked the loose feel of it.

That just left me with the background to paint it. I pulled a desaturated blue from my HSB bar and created a Color Fill layer set to "Color" at about 33% opacity to cool the whole image. Added some cloud-like brushwork and then a Motion Blur to it. As a final touch I added some snowflake with an additional Motion Blur. Hope you enjoyed this and see you next time! Questions or comments are always welcome.



2 comments on "Game of Thrones Fan Art"
  1. My brother is a huge fan of games of thrones. He isnt an expert with photoshop, but I will show him these. I guess he'd be able to make it through your tutorials. Thanks!

  2. Wow! Seeing how the fanart is made is so interesting. Thank you for sharing!
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