Dzień Dobry Character Design Progress - Updated

Sunday, October 9, 2016
Just a quick update to her hair :)

After posting the initial design (see previous post) on several Facebook groups, I got some great feedback on one group in particular, Draw or Die. It's not a group for getting LIKEs or anything promotional but since I've started posting my work on these pages, it has given me the best critiques and useful feedback. If you are looking to improve your own work, definitely check them out.

So the first thing was creating a more dynamic pose. This one wasn't cutting it. The original was created solely in Photoshop and I switched to Illustrator for the edits. I collected the best comments from Facebook so I could have them handy.

I tried something new (for me), I used simple shape to maintain the proportions I created.

Next, I worked out a new pose.

And finally, adjusted the figure, colors, values and composition. I think it's improved. I could keep tweaking forever, the hardest thing sometimes is knowing when to stop, right?

Here's a list for some great Facebook groups for digital art, character design and concept artists:
Level Up
Character Design
The Grind
Digital Artists Group

Hope they help!



2 comments on "Dzień Dobry Character Design Progress - Updated"
  1. Thanks for updating your readers regarding Dzień Dobry Character Design Progress.I am too excited to see the final look of Dzień Dobry as she is my favorite character.


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