Shushnya Concept Art Exploration

Sunday, September 25, 2016
Updated image - I received some really great feedback after posting this to Facebook's Draw or Die group. This is the result. 

Before I dive into some character design, I wanted to development one of those previous thumbnails for a couple posts ago. I chose the bridge shot and went to work. But... alas, not matter what I did, it wasn't working. I felt like I was beating a dead horse and had to step away.

I started playing around with the bridge, trying to find a good angle. Push myself out of my comfort zone. After awhile some frustration, I got something I liked.

Believe or not, my favorite thing has always been figurative work. Creating a fully rendered scene is a relatively new thing for me. I had to get a figure into the scene.

Ta-daaa!! One elf guy or something like that. Not sure yet, as Shushnya is still just an outline to date. Hmmm... not sure what he's doing up there. Looks like he's waving around a bunch of giant feathers.

First attempt at a sky, night time felt right but the initial sky didn't. But I did learn those might be magic giant feathers.

Okay, now we are talking. Feeling good about the sky and yup, definitely giant magic feathers. But what do they do? I dunno but I noticed a stick floating on the right side of the image. Forgot to erase that sucker but it gives me an idea.

"You shall NOT pass!" Great line... Gandalf, I think. That's my thinking as I wrap up today's work. Love to hear what you think. It definitely went in an unexpected direction. But that is not exactly an unusual thing.

Well... It's halftime with the Eagles leading the Steelers. I am stoked and hope they can hold it for the win! Yup, diehard Eagles fan... E-A-G-L-E-S! Eagles!!! Can't watch it but mercifully I can listen on my iPad. Phew!



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  1. Magnificent job. He took some really amazing pictures and managed to create something really amazing through them. Would lovet to see more of his amazing work.


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