Shushnya Concept Art - Environment and Logo Treatment - Updated

Saturday, September 24, 2016

I was watching a John J. Park Gumroad video last night and got inspired. Still in "environment" mode and coming up with landscape ideas. I wish I had kept the initial stages of the sketch but flattened them without thinking but I did keep the final last few tweaks presented here.  I started playing with ideas for a logo treatment. Still needs work I think but it's a start.

C&Cs most welcome and appreciated.

Getting close to a finish at this point.

Added a few more details to the rocks

Almost done. Added some needed warm tones to overall image and then worked up a working logo treatment. Needs work still. But happy for now.

Okay, this was the final but something was missing...

2 comments on "Shushnya Concept Art - Environment and Logo Treatment - Updated"
  1. The composition is fantastic and I love the way the eye reads it. The addition of the fire in the cave was definitely key in completing the depth of the piece. Wonderful work!

    1. Thanks very much, Panther One. Nice to hear from you! I was quite happy with the fire in the cave turned out. It was a last minute decision. Very glad you like the piece. Still have much to do and improve on. Next up, is doing some character designs :) Can't wait!! Cheers!


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