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Friday, September 2, 2016
Hi! Welcome to Jonathan Wilson Art. 

I am an American living overseas in Poland and it's been a wonderful adventure so far. The one goal I had before leaving my family and friends back in New Jersey was to get inspired and work like crazy to be the best artist I can be. A new county, a new language, Poland's natural beauty, castles and people have definitely done the trick in the inspiration department. After traveling across the cities and countryside, I am now settling down to work. Work, work, work. 

Besides my normal freelance graphic design work (mostly direct mail campaigns in the political arena), I've discovered how much fun textile design is. It is so cool to see something I made applied to things like sneakers, dresses, and other fun stuff. So I've opened a few shops as a way to help keep this dream alive. But more on that another day. Another other way is, I've discovered this site called Patreon. 

It's awesome. 

It's exciting. But what is it? It's kind of like Kickstarter but not. Artists, musicians, writers, bloggers, podcasters, film makers, you name it, they're on there. Sharing their hopes, dreams and hard work to their friends, fans and supporters which allows them to work at their craft through people's patronage. People can support their favorites by becoming a Patron. It's not hard to do or expensive at all. The Artists give thier Patrons an all access pass to their creative process, special rewards and all kinds of cool stuff.  It's pretty amazing. It really works to help people reach their goals and dreams. You really could help make a difference for someone out there.

I just launched my own Patreon page. I hope you check it out and enjoy it. There's a link in the main menu above if you'd like to take a peek! Thanks a million!


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