Character Design: Shushnyan Shock Trooper

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Howdy, me again. I have been dying to start working on characters. Where to start? Well, this guy just so happens to be it. I was scribbling on a scrap of paper and lo and behold, I came up with this.

The Shushnyan Shock Trooper

Standing roughly twice the height of an average man, they strike fear in the heart of every Shushnyan. Watching from the shadows, still as statues, they loom ominously over all of Shushnya. Surprisingly swift, they will exact a terrible price from those who do not obey and submit. Needless to say, everyone has become quite good at obeying and that whole submitting thing.

Inspiration for this guy was kinda a cross an owl with a giant dwarf, LOTR meets the Muppets. So, with that in mind, here's the process I went to through. I scanned the sketch into Adobe Photoshop and work almost entirely there (see above).

I turned Figure #9 into a Smart Object and popped over to Adobe Illustrator to create just a few strokes for detail (see above). And then popped back to Photoshop to add some color and texture (See below). Thanks for dropping by, your feedback and thoughts are always welcome and appreciated.



2 comments on "Character Design: Shushnyan Shock Trooper"
  1. Designing a character is the toughest part of anime and this is eally amazing. I reaally liked the drawings. Thanks for sharing it.]

    1. Thank you very much, great to hear from you!


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